Suvivor Spotlight – Kahlani

Kamiyah ‘Kahlani’ Kirton is a blossoming 13 year old butterfly who was born in Newport News, Virginia. Kahlani is in 7th grade and attends Phenix K-8 School in Hampton, Virginia. She enjoys writing, drawing and watching videos on YouTube and role playing in video games.
At 11 years of age Kahlani was diagnosed with SLE Lupus. Her mother Chandra noticed that something was going on with her daughter. Kahlani began to experience lethargy, muscle pain, a butterfly rash on her face, arms and legs, and she developed a fever that lasted from April until June. After several months of misdiagnosis she was hospitalized at CHKD in Norfolk. The wonderful staff at the hospital gave her several tests and helped her get well enough to come home.
Life for Kahlani has gotten back on track and she is adjusting to her new normal. She understands the importance of taking her medicine and how eating the right foods and getting exercise help her stay healthy.  Kahlani wants to encourage kids newly diagnosed with Lupus that they are not alone.  
“Some days are going to be better than others but you have to keep going. It’s okay to be scared, just ask questions so you can understand your diagnosis,” Kahlani