Rabbina A. Banks

    Rabbina A. Banks
    Acting Secretary & Chief Information Officer
    Fibromyalgia Warrior



    Rabbina A. Banks is a disabled veteran of the United States Air Force. During her military career, she worked as an Aircraft Fuel Systems Technician. Everyone calls her Bina for short. She is the owner of B Ayesha Inc. She started her company after surviving a stroke. There is something about almost dying that renews your sense of purpose. Her main mission in life is to continue to serve the communities around the country and the world. One of her many passions, as a philanthropist, is the plight of the woman veteran and their families. She is also an advocate for more research and understanding of invisible chronic illnesses.

    Bina was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January of 2014. She knew for a while before that diagnosis that something was wrong, but the doctors couldn’t figure it out. She’s thankful for her diagnosis because it gave her a reason behind what was happening to her. Bina is a mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt, etc. but those titles are not all that defines her. What matters is how she defines herself and the definition that she chooses is that of a warrior. She is a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Cognitive Behavior Coach and Resiliency/Life Direction Coach for chronically ill women. She has an AAS in Electronics Engineering. She’s currently studying to get my BA in Psychology.