Tonya Moore

    Tonya Moore
    Wig Outreach Chair
    Lupas Warrior


    Tonya Moore was diagnosed with lupus in the summer of 1994. She resides in Newport News, VA. Currently, she is the Contract Administrator for an HVAC and Plumbing company.  She takes pride in assisting and helping others. Tonya has always served in some capacity, whether it be at church, with her family, friends, or strangers; in some cases, volunteering for the PORT program, checking on neighbors, giving to the food bank, and random acts of kindness, to name a few. She was previously the leader of the MOMS Mentoring Program at her church.  The program linked women who had similar backgrounds together and provided guidance, encouragement, support, and resources. Tonya also participates in another mentoring program called, Women of Worth. These programs have allowed Tonya to grow, strengthen her knowledge, build character and confidence, more importantly, serve and encourage others to the highest esteem. She attended some college at Liberty University, studying Social Work.

    Tonya was able to spread her attributes of service, caring, and encouragement when she was introduced to a young lady who was also a lupus survivor, Chastity Corbett. Chasity was extremely passionate about helping others who suffered from lupus and fibromyalgia. This meeting led to a team-ship of being advocates for other lupus and fibro survivors and building relationships.

    Tonya enjoys spending time with her 7 grandchildren and other family members. She also likes to tell corny jokes that might not be so funny to others.